New York Picks

Best Restaurant
99 Stanton St, NY 10002

Stanton Social offers all you need: nice interior, a 'social' atmosphere and wonderful food. Our dinner included: Piquillo Pepper Crostini, Goat Cheese Pierogies, Wild Mushroom Risotto Cakes, Grilled Apple & Brie Quesadilla, Wasabi crusted Salmon, and finally the Chocolate Tasting!

Best Burger
24 E 12th St, NY 10003

After hunting for little treasures at Greenwich flew market, Stand serves well-made Burgers that strike with taste and composition. Not only the food but also the metallic interior design with purple leather benches hit my taste.

Best Lunch
114th North St, NY 11211

I love Williamsburg. And having lunch at Sea was definitely a good choice: Thai fusion kitchen for really good prices. We just paid about 12$ per person and had starter, main dish and dessert! The green tea chesse cake with raspberry sauce is a must.

Best Interior Design
520 W 22nd St, NY 10011

Just one word: Wow! Located in Chelsea and surrounded by the best galleries, the Comme des Garcons NY store offers a futuristic and clean 'interior experience'. I got lost in a fitting room by exploring the space...

Best Selection
28 Bond Street, NY 10012

At the new OAK Store at Bond Street I found the most intelligent and beautifully dressed mannequins. Brands like 3.1 phillip lim, Ksubi, Opening Ceremony, Filippa K, Surface to Air or S.N.S. guarantee a sovereign look.

Most Hidden Shop
640 Broadway, NY 10012

We had to search for this place really hard. And walked past the entrance several times. Hidden in the 'underground' you can browse the Nom de Guerre collection and simultaneously feel the vibration of the passing metro trains.

Best Avantgarde
125 Crosby Street, NY 10012

The most artful pieces can be found at Atelier New York. The store between Broadway and Lafayette St brings to you selected labels like Raf Simons, Ann Demeulemeester, Undercover and Number (N)ine. Mostly black and very architectural and complex designs.

Best Architecture
235 Bowery, NY 10002

What can I say? This building is just awesome. I lo-lo-love it. The white stacked cubes, the facade structure, the rainbow script saying "HELL, YES!". SANAA Architects did a great job.

Best Design Shop
115 N 6th St, NY 11211

The best selection of furniture and design pieces I've ever seen. I bought a crushed cup designed by Rob Brandt. You'll find there also a golden brace necklace, wonderful lamps and beautiful chairs by Blu Dot. Go there and get me something, no matter what, I'll love it.

Best Gallery Show
540 West 26 St, NY 10001

Jürgen Teller is the one and only. The man who influenced them all. With his pitiless approach to photography and his eye for the 'ugly' details. May it be silicone breasts or Ukrainian interior design. The exhibition at Lehmann Maupin is really worth a visit. So hurry! Posh Spice is there too...

Best Art Installation
1071 5th Avenue, NY 10128

Currently Cai Guo-Qiang shows his installation work 'I want to believe' at Guggenheim. The car-crush-in-the-air simulation with laser lights and shiny white cars is breathtaking. So is his pack of wolves flying through the museums hallways.

Best Food
95 East Houston Street, NY 10002

Never was a visit to the supermarket so mouthwatering as this time at Wholefoodsmarket. Pyramids of fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, a salad bar offering spinach with sesame, grilled tandori chicken or toasted walnuts, and a sweets-to-go assortment made me moan and groan.

Best Hideaway
Brooklyn, Last stop on the F or Q trains

Abandoned and desolate like Neverland Ranch nowadays, Coney Islands amusement park builds a great scenerey for a romantic and stormy walk at the beach. Now bedraggled and shabby does it remind of prettier days of laughter and sunshine. Somehow moving.


MR style said...

looks like u had so much fun !! so cool dude

Jessie said...

1A Rückblick! Habt ihr Beacons Closet besucht?

Lynn & Horst said...

hi jessie
ja, da waren wir auch
und hatten auch eine gute ausbeute
u.a ein cobrasnake tee
(bilder meiner einkäufe kommen noch...)
sind dann den tag über mit deren schreiend pinken tüten rumgelaufen, hehe

und die kassiererin sah sowas von gut aus, eieiei, highwaist skirt, vintage t-shirt hineingesteckt, xxl scarf mit megamuster drüber - perfekt.

und da es ja fast direkt am hafen ist war es dort besonders cool, ein a.p.c. outlet war auch um die ecke, mitten zwischen so lagerhäusern, fabriken oder was das da so war, und auf dem weg dorthin haben wir dauernd irgendwelche merkwürdigen menschen in teuren europäischen autos beobachtet, die irgendwelche "übergaben" oder so hatten, heißes pflaster...

williamsburg is einfach total toll

jamade said...

sieht wirklich nach viel spass aus.
hoffe der jetlag ist auskuriert

Lynn & Horst said...

hilfe, nein!
er ist immer noch da, uaahhh...

we could grow up together said...

isnt wholefood amazing?! the one on bowery, even just wandering inside makes my day, i used to nibble their olives, giggles

underneath said...

Thank you for interesting tips - It`s been a while since I was in NY - and for Easter I am going there again!

Miss Harrcore said...

Also ich war ein und halb Monate in NY und habe leider keinen dieser tollen Orte besucht ^^
Muss ich unbedingt das nächste Mal nachholen, ein paar sehr coole Tipps sind dabei!

Stahlschenkel said...


270 West 19th

Hingehn, Tasche kaufen!

-leather meets nylon- mighty tasty looks

uebrigens: Gym-Bar / 8 ave - schon besucht?