Frankfurt Picks

Best Architecture
Domstr. 10

The Museum of Modern Art strikes with its superb architecture! And every last saturday of the month the entrance is for free. So come on, let's admire white structures and breathe some art!

Best Restaurant
Kleiner Hirschgraben 5

Wonderful interior and formidable meals. Last time I had the pumpkin lasagne with wasabi foam and it was a pure thrill. The guests are chic and the restaurant is located just across the street of my favorite bar. So all perfect!

Best Bar
Place To Be
Weißadlergasse 3

Tiny and great. Located in the new Frankfurt Mitte it has all to offer I expect from a nice evening. The coctails are really good. I never had a Gin Tonic that was as good as here. But one thing I have to find fault with: the music can change very abruptly to very strange tunes. Anyway a must!

Best Concept
Börsenplatz 13-15

A sublime selection of designer labels from bless, Pulver & penkov to Scandinavian brands as Whyred and Acne Jeans. Completed by a a stunning interior. Every detail just communicates knowledge and taste.

Best Handkäs
Wallstr. 7

When you are in Frankfurt you have to try one particular delicacy: Handkäs mit Musik. A special kind of cheese served with onions and brown bread. It tastes different but is a brand new palatine experience. As drink you should order a Bembel (Hesse crock) of Apfelwein (cidre).

Best Café
Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 1

Perfect for a saturday afternoon Kaffeklatsch! After visiting the big flea market at the Mainufer I recommend you this place to relax in retro chairs and to watch people. Also you get the best homemade chocolate cake here!

Best Burger
Die Kuh Die Lacht
Schillerstraße 28

Burgers made of happy cows - that's the philosophy of this place where you get delicious food in great compositions. E.g. the spice burger with red onions, rucola, fresh coriander and yogurt gravy or parsnip chips with various tasty dips.

Best Thai Fusion
Schillerstrasse 4

If you want to meet Horst in the evenings go to coa. With the utmost probability you will catch me while enjoying the fingerfood with saté spit, teriyaki canard, spring and summer rolls. And please try the homemade lemonade.


money and shit said...

genau das gleiche wie mit münchen. eigentlich absolut engstirnig, aber dann genau deswegen ziemlich charmant.
für mich genau das richtige ist immer die flucht nach berlin. 2,3 tage die eigene person vergessen und dann in die münchner ubahn setzten und wieder wissen wer man ist, und sich einfach wohl fühlen.

Lynn & Horst said...

du triffst es auf den punkt

muhsick said...

"handkäs mit musik" tastes like old, smelly underwear...so kind of nasty but somehow also yummie at the same time.
so let's say it that way: it tastes like sexy, old underwear!

cool hints!make me hungry...

m said...

awwww i heart moloko
anyway, 99% coincidence

Linda said...

Frankfurt hätte man nicht besser beschreiben können! Aber was ist mit dem kuscheligen Bornheim? Meine Oase der Ruhe!

numerocuatro said...

i love city guides!
they always come in handy....
did you make it?

lady coveted said...

ah thanks for posting this!
i just moved here, and it's nice to have a clue as to where to go.

i love azita!

Frankfurt Fashion said...

great city guide to frankfurt!
need more information visit me and my blog about Frankfurt city life

je t'aime mayence said...

Moloko & Azita gehören auch zu unseren Stammläden,wenn wir in Frankfurt sind.
Von Mainz nach Frankfurt is ja nich so weit!