Paris Picks

Best Architecture
Centre Pompidou
Place Georges Pompidou

As I mentioned not long ago I am in love with tubes. So Centre Pompidou has to be my winner in this category. The design shop inside isn't bad too and also the people sitting outside at the entrance area are worth a closer look.

Best Pizza
La Briciola
14 Rue de Normandie

There is nothing better than ending an exhausting day at Paris Fashion Week with an incredibly nice pizza at La Briciola. Hidden in a dark corner of Marais, the place guarantees comfort and satisfaction.

Best Sandwich
Plaisirs et Pains
215 Rue Saint-Honoré

Maybe this was the very highlight of the whole trip: the pain au sésame avec poulet rôti et légumes citron - orgasms for your tongue!

Best Second Hand I
Free'p Star
8 Rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie

The tiniest and most crowded place I've ever been too. But it's worth the claustrophobic attacks: great clothes for very very good prices. A shirt for 3 Euro! A pair of jeans for 10 Euro! Thanks to Kat Walks, Play and Laurent for the hint!

Best Second Hand II
64 Rue Tiquetonne

A great selection of books and magazines. Vintage tote bags with German advertisement prints. And: short shorts for men!!! Come and get your pair...

Best Souvenir
Saucisse Sèche aux Noisettes
Available at Franprix

To remain true to myself I decided to bring along a very Horst-like souvenir: a sausage! Or to be more precise: a salami with hazelnuts.


minimalist said...

you must go to "le pure café" (14 Rue Jean Mace) – the food is so good!

minimalist said...

bx the way: i'm so jealous!
j'adore paris...

MR style said...

oh kiliwatch sells some awesome boots !!! and kitsuné is really hipster !! good choice

levon said...

SV: tank you,your blog is very attractive

katja hentschel said...

kiliwatch is wayyy overpriced. overpricing vintage is so pretentious.

Isabelle said...

i've been to kiliwatch once, but in hamburg. i bought a wonderful multicoloured dress. they were so nice and everything was sorted after colour. thanks for reminding me of the shop name!

dustydress said...

I need to add hotel amour for their food and atmosphere AND la perle bar for drinks/sights